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Explore the instrumental music, perfect for preludes, offertories, and memorial services. Our catalog includes solo pieces for organ and piano, chamber music, and orchestral works. Notable compositions include "Dedication" for organ solo, "Nocturne" for piano solo, and "Variations on Holy Manna" for various instrumental ensembles. Each piece reflects Wilson's commitment to creating music that resonates with spiritual and artistic integrity​

DEDICATION for Organ Solo  -  Click to Purchase

DEDICATION (George Damp, org.)

DEDICATION for String Orchestra (1960)

DEDICATION (Cornell Orch, Karel Husa dir.)

English Horn Concerto, mvt.2 "Cantilena"

Cantilena [with two n's] (EngHrn, Hrp, Strgs)

Grand Processional, a Chaconne for Organ Solo (1963, rev.2024)

Grand Processional (Daniel R. Boyle, org.)

ELEGY for Piano, Two Solo Violins & String Orchestra (1986; rev.2023) 


Ps.95 "Let Us Sing Unto the Lord" for Organ Solo

Ps.95 (MIDI)
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