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...and diagonally across the corner from Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural master-piece, the Robie House, which I was privileged to gaze at through the classroom window [of the music building] while listening to my music professors.
  a.k.a. Service Music Publishing
Contact us by telephone: (734) 568-0800 or (419) 308-8408
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Performance copies of any vocal/choral work in the Catalog (except motets & cantatas, due to their size) can be obtained in booklet form (8.5x11, not stapled) for one dollar each including copies for pianist, organist and conductor. The entire set can be mailed via USPS for a nominal charge; they can be housed in your choral library for re-use as many times as needed until the Rapture.
Shareware PDFs of any vocal/choral score (except for the motets & cantatas) are available for downloading and printing at the user's own expense. A nominal shareware fee of fifteen dollars will permit  the purchaser to perform the work in that specific arrangement for as many times as desired. The motets & cantatas are available on a rental basis; they are licensed by BMI.
Instrumental parts are available as needed. Scores for purely instrumental works are also available, some via PDF downloading.  Please contact us for prices (and shipping charges if applicable).
<--Looking west on 58th Street past Robie House
(photo by Jeffery Howe, who granted permission to include it here)
Concert (non-church) performances are licensed by Broadcast Music, Inc. Please contact us when preparing to present one of these works in a concert setting (as opposed to being part of a formal church service including Vespers).
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