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Service Music Publishing seeks to provide musical compositions that are appropriate to your worship service needs.

We invite you to explore our catalog of original works for small vocal groups and large choral combinations on newly composed lyrics as well as on texts taken from the Holy Bible (KJV). We also want to highlight our instrumental works for piano, organ, small-ensemble and large-orchestral combinations appropriate for the prelude, postlude and offertory functions within your morning or evening services.

Soli Deo gratia!

We welcome requests for works that will meet special requirements in terms of specific vocal-instrumental combinations and/or certain texts or lyrics. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and interests, or to obtain a perusal copy of one of the pieces posted on this website.

Contact us by telephone: (734) 568-0800 or (419) 308-8408
Contact us via email: ChristianComposer@earthlink.net or dwilson@bgsu.edu
When I look back at my formative years and at some of the contributing factors to my growth as a composer, I can see how blessed I was to have been born and raised in Chicago, an internationally recognized cultural center as well as, at that time, the second largest city in the USA. My first seven years were spent in the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago, less than two miles north of the Museum of Science and Industry....

<--Museum of Science & Industry (courtesy Cynthia J. Olson)
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