Note: The organ transcription of Dedication was performed by Dan Boyle on his recital of 11-21-10. Click here for videoclip--> [LINK]

Dedication for Organ: transcribed from DMWilson's 1960 piece for string orchestra; premiered by George Damp on Sage Chapel Organ at Cornell University. Suitable for offertory interlude.

Fanfare 3 Trumpets on "A Mighty Fortress": performed by members of BGSU's Trumpet Ensemble, Chas. Saenz director.
Suitable for opening prelude or offertory interlude.

"The Folded Napkin" (complete song): presented by Lois Wilson & Sue Leslie, sopranos; Nancy Love, alto; Becky Yglesias, piano. Suitable for vocal solo or trio special.

Variations 1, 2, 7 & 12 on HOLY MANNA for Piano 4-Hands: 
Lois Wilson & Donald Wilson, piano duo.
Suitable for opening prelude or offertory interlude.

IN THE BEGINNING, a Musical Depiction of the Creation Story from Genesis chapter 1 for Narrator, SATB, Piano & optional Vibraphone (2009): narrated by the composer.
Suitable for special music service or concert event.
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This intense activity eventually earned me the traditional paternal admonishment against a career in music. I initially heeded my father's advice by pursuing an alternative ambition in creative writing. I studied books on the craft of writing fiction, produced several short stories and even the beginnings of a novel, ..., and enrolled as an English major at the University of Chicago. During this time I worked for two years as an usher at the Oriental Theater in the Loop, which afforded me the opportunity to view over 30 first-run major motion pictures....
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Each piece was copyrighted by the composer in the year it was completed. All rights are reserved for all countries.
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