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It was during my high-school years that I discovered 20th Century Music.... I began to purchase 45rpm and LP recordings for my own collection; I also sought out live concerts of it; and I borrowed miniature scores from the Music Division of the Chicago Public Library, studied them voraciously, then reproduced much of what I learned in the form of introductory passages to unfinished works for supersized orchestras that were at least stylistically derivative if not overtly plagiaristic. 
"Let Us Sing Unto the Lord" (Psalm 95), pp.1-3
(performed by MIDI choir & piano)
<--Chicago Cultural Center, former home of Chicago Public Library (permission pending)
"A Lullaby for the Unborn Child," pp.1-3
(played by MIDI instruments)
"Blessing & Glory" (Rev.7:11-12), pp.2-4
Lois Wilson,sopr; Nancy Love,alto; Becky Yglesias,piano
"The Lord Is My Shepherd" (Psalm 23), pp.1-3
Lutheran Church of the Savior choir, Wm.Vollinger dir.
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it was completed. All rights are reserved for all countries.
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